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We Care Training School
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About Us
Our Mission
Welcome to the “We Care Training School” website – enjoy browsing here to find out how we can help you!
The “We Care Training School” is different –born out of the vision and generosity of free charitable works for the community. Seeking to help offer free education.
Our help is available in many different ways. To promote for the benefit of the public in Watford and United Kingdom by:
     (A)  The advancement of Education and training
     (B)  The Relief Of Poverty
     (C)  The Relief Of Unemployment
     (D)  The preservation and protection of good health and
     (E)  The provision of recreation facilities in the interest of social welfare with the objective of improving their conditions of life and much more
     (F)   Overseas aid / famine relief
     (G)  Accommodation / Housing
     (H)  Arts / Culture / Heritage / Science
     (I)   Amateur Sport
     (J)   Economic / Community Development / Employment and much more
Our Audience Are: -
  • Children / Young People
  • Elderly / Old People
  • The General Public
Our Vision
The vision of The “We Care Training School” is:
To enable individuals to significantly increase their social impact by creating a high performing collaborative community through the provision of excellence in entrepreneurial behaviour, leadership, knowledge transfer, and shared services.
Our values are
     1. Impact
     2. Entrepreneurship
     3. Passion
     4. Partnership
     5. Learning
     6. Empathy


The “We Care Training School” is governed by Trustees.