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We Care Training School
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Course Detail
Deliverance And Healing
Lecturer Name: Pst Humphrey David

 This ministry school provides a concentrated programme of teaching, followed by some practical ministry experience. It is designed to help equip those who have a heart to bring healing to others and also wish to move into greater personal wholeness.

The school is primarily designed for those who want to be further equipped in their calling to minister to those in need of the healing touch of Jesus. This is an ideal opportunity to train a church ministry team.

The content is basic biblical teaching concerning God's provision for His disciples to administer healing and deliverance.
§  Objective of School of Deliverance
§  Deliverance: What is Deliverance? Who Need Deliverance? Why We Need Deliverance Qualifications of a Deliverance Ministers
§  The power and authority of Jesus
§  Moving under the anointing of the Holy Spirit
§  Wholeness in body, soul and spirit
§  Achieving a godly sense of acceptance and belonging
§  Healing from emotional damage
§  Healing from the consequences of trauma
§  Freedom from ungodly ties
§  Freedom from demonic bondage
§  Healing the human spirit
§  Freedom from fear and anxiety
§  Right relationships and godly expression of sexuality
§  Method of Deliverance/Strategies For Effective Deliverance Ministration
§  Why some People are not Delivered
§  Steps to Personal Deliverance
§  Pitfalls of Deliverance Minister
§  The Deliverance Process
§  Dangers in Deliverance Ministry
§  The Growing Deliverance Minister
§  Minister of this Hour
§  The Nazarite Minister
§  The Blind Deliverer
§  Character and Charisma
§  Counselling
§  Love in Deliverance and Pastoral Care
§  Bondages
§  Covenants
§  Curse
§  Dreams and Interpretation
§  The Great Root of Failure
§  Foundational Prayer
§  Demonology
§  Demonic Entry Points
§  Can a Christian be Demolished
§  Characteristic of Demons/How Demons Leave
§  How Churches are Snared by Demons
§  Demons in Developing Countries
§  Marks of Possession
§  Demonic Burdens
§  Spiritual Warfare (Intercession)
§  Weapons of our Warfare
§  Holy Ghost Baptism
§  The Ministry of Fire/Quencher of Fire
§  Life and Power Scriptures
§  Introduction to the Spiritual World/The three Sources of Energy
§  Spiritual Mapping
§  The Strongholds and Powers
§  Triangular Power
§  Fighting from the Heavenlies
§  Analysis of Spiritual Dryness
§  The Spirit of the Last Day/Sources of their Power
§  Spiritual Protection
§  The Three Sources of Energy
§  Perversion
§  Witchcraft/Familiar Spirit
§  Marine
§  Walking And Working In The Anointing
§  Hearing The Voice Of God/Ministering Without Calling
§  Holiness/Righteousness
§  Fasting/Prayers In Deliverance
§  Brokenness
§  Praise and Worship
§  Tradition and Culture
§  Idols
§  Prisoners of Evil Alters
§  Cultism. Catholic Spirit and Queen Of Heaven
§  The Spirit of Sodom
§  Claiming the Ground
§  Jewelries and Jezebel Spirit
§  100 Spiritual Problems of the Blackman
§  The Fever of the Mighty Men
§  Internal Healing and Wholeness
§  Attach from the Womb
§  Children Deliverance
§  The Table of the Heart
§  Battle for the Soul/Mind Control Spirit
§  Shock Absorber
§  Evil Signs and Symbols
§  Manufacturers of Evil Arrow
§  Principles of care and prayer ministry
§  Ministry into occult, witchcraft and false religion
Primarily the focus is on practical experience of counselling and prayer ministry, both through giving to others and receiving for oneself. During this time you will work alongside experienced MFM WATFORD prayer ministry team members who will be there to guide and encourage you in the practice of prayer ministry in a safe environment for learning to move under God's power and authority in healing.
Start Date: April 21, 2017
End Date: July 7, 2017